Mar 3, 2010

Mystery Giveaways!

Jalan2 cari contest lagi..hehehe...
kali ni nak join contest yang dianjurkan oleh A Shopaholic's View of Life!.
Jom ramai2 kita join....

Answer :
1. NYX Powder Blush
2. ELF Studio Complexion Perfection

3. NYX Concealer Jar

Syarat2 yang dikenakan tuk sertai contest tersebut adalah: - (siti copy & paste jer la yer)

1. Become my follower on this site and state your follower ID.
2. Next, go to my blogshop Makeup Haven Vanity and name me 3 items which are available there.
3. For an additional entry, blog about this giveaway on your own site.
4. Don't forget to include your name, email address and of course your blog URL if you blog about it at the comment box.
5. You're done! Winner will be contacted within 48 hours after contest ends.

You can send as how many entries that you want. The more participants are, the better the prizes will be. The winner of this giveaway will be chosen using

But this is only for Malaysian readers with valid postal address. Sorry folks! This giveaway will close on 31st March 2010 11.59 pm. So, hurry hurry! Send in your answers!

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